RECAST V/O: High-Strength, Corrosion Resistant Mortar

RECAST V/O is a premium, fast setting, high-strength, corrosion resistant mortar designed for repair and renewal of underground concrete storm and sanitary sewer pipe. With a seven minute initial set time, ReCast V/O is perfect for spot repairs that require a quick turnaround.

For use in waterproofing, sealing, structural reinforcement, and corrosion protection of underground sewer pipe and manhole structures that cure in place to form an interior hardened shell.


  • Dense and highly impermeable cementitious liner
  • High modulus of elasticity
  • Reaches over 6,500 psi
  • Concrete gray color


RECAST V/O is formulated to create a dense, highly impermeable structural liner designed for thin-section toughness, a high modulus of elasticity, and superior bond strength. Addition-ally, fibers are added as an aid to casting, increasing cohesion and enhancing flexural strength.

The concrete must be sound and free of all foreign material, including oil, grease, dust, laitance, or other surface contami-nants. For maximum durability, saw cut the perimeter of the repair 1/8” deeper than the depth of the repair, creating a notched, reinforced edge.

Mechanically abrade the surface using an engineer-approved method in accordance with ICRI 310.2 guidelines to a minimum CSP 5. All concrete surfaces to be repaired must be in a saturated-surface-damp (SSD) condition with no standing water on the surface.

Combine 50 lbs of RECAST V/O packaged dry mix with 7-8 pints of clean (50°-70°F) water while mixing with a high-speed shear mixer until proper consistency is obtained. Water content may be adjusted to achieve consisten-cies ranging from plastic to modeling clay. Despite its workability, the mortar has excellent wet adhesion and does no sag or run after placement. Working time is approximately 7 minutes depending upon conditions.

When mixed according to above instructions, RECAST V/O may be sprayed, cast, pumped, or gravity fed into any area 1/2 inch or larger by most standard commercial mortar mixers, compressors, or pumps.

Apply a scrub coat of the properly mixed repair mortar by scrubbing a thin layer into the pre-dampened substrate with a stiff brush. Place the repair mortar immediately before the bond coat dries.

Trowel RECAST V/O firmly into the prepared area, ensuring intimate contact with the bonding surface. Use slightly more material than is needed and roughly shape during placement. After the initial set, when RECAST V/O is surface hard, shave the material to the desired final shape using a steel trowel.

Maximum depth of neat repair mortar is 2” for each lift. Additional lifts can be placed after the initial lift has achieved set. The original lift should be left with a rough surface to improve bond between lifts.

RECAST V/O is self-curing under most conditions. In severe drying conditions, use an ASTM C-309 compliant water-based curing compound.



  • 50 lb (22.7 kg) bags
  • 50 lb (22.7 kg) plastic pails

50 lb (22.7 kg) yields approximately 0.43 cubic feet



The data shown is typical for controlled laboratory conditions. Reasonable variation from these results can be expected due to variation in type and quantity of cement, and sand gradation of the mortar mix. When testing the field mixed material, other factors such as variations in mixing, water content, temperature and curing conditions should be considered.